If you are looking for payday loans online without an endorsement, you should first know a few things. The first thing that an endorsement is a guarantee for the lender, so he can recover the money from the payday loan.

payday loans online without an endorsement

Personal loans online without an endorsement

So depending on your financial profile and the amount of money borrowed, you will have to provide an endorsement or not. As we said a guarantee is a guarantee, in this case personal. What it means is that if you can not afford to pay the loan online, it will have to be another person, individual or company, who will answer for you.

That is, you will have to pay the debt in your place. That’s why the first thing is to know if you can count on a guarantor, because if you do not, you’ll have to look for online loans without an endorsement. And it is not worth any guarantor, think that the person who will answer for you in case you can not pay the borrowed capital plus interest, should have a good financial profile. That is to say that if possible you should have fixed monthly income, that is, a payroll no matter how small.

And that income must be commensurate with the amount of the installment payments for the requested payday loan, plus the corresponding interest. That’s why in financing that requires endorsement, it is common for many people to put their parents as guarantors. Either because they have a payroll when they are still of working age, or because they are retired and have the money from the monthly pension. And another important factor to have a good guarantee, is that the person who offers it, private or company, must have a good payment history. That is to say that it is important that you do not encounter financial crefit institutions, that is, with defaults included in the most important list of defaulters in Spain.

Whose data is provided by the members of the financial crefit institutions business association, which includes information from banks, electricity companies, mobile and fixed telephone companies, etc. Because a guarantee that has fewer guarantees of payment and lower solvency than you can offer as a payday loan holder, will be of little help to obtain the financing you need. The guarantee is similar to the mortgage, since both are very usual guarantees when applying for payday loans online or through a bank.

However the main difference is that the guarantee is a private person or a company, so the guarantee is personal, while in the mortgage the guarantee is a property, usually the debtor’s house, not a person. So the guarantee is not based on the payment ability of the guarantor to take charge of the debt and the interests of the payday loan. But in the mortgage is the market value of the house, that is, the money for which it could be sold, which responds to the debt. As you will understand, it is much faster to request a payday loan with a guarantee than with a mortgage. It does not matter if it is done through an online comparator or a bank branch.

In a mortgage, an appraisal of the home must be requested, that is, a report from an independent expert that sets the market value. In order to establish what is the maximum money you can get with the payday loan. That’s why in mortgage loans you can get amounts of money ranging from 50000 to 300000 euros. Of course, if you do not pay the debt the lenders will keep your home and even if the market value is not enough you can still claim the debt plus the corresponding interest.

In any case, and in spite of the existing credit restriction on the part of the banks, on the Internet there are many companies that grant loans online, many without guarantee and others even without payroll. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the amount and term that they will offer you will depend a lot on your financial profile. But unlike banks, these entities specialized in granting payday loans online are willing to take more risks when granting financing even without payroll or endorsement. That yes in exchange for a higher interest rate. So if you need money urgently and without endorsement the best option is to enter our online payday loan comparison.

In it you can quickly and safely find dozens of online loans without payroll or endorsement, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. And all without waiting or paperwork, totally online and free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team of financial experts traces hundreds of websites to find the best payday loans without endorsement. So that through our online comparator you obtain the best results according to your financing needs, and in a list ordered according to the amount of the fee that you have to pay. So that in addition to time you can save money and problems.

payday loans online without payroll or endorsement

Personal loans online without payroll or endorsement

Online loans without payroll or endorsement are usually difficult to obtain, although not as much as applications without payroll and with financial crefit institutions, the most important unpaid and delinquent file in Spain. When you are going to apply for a payday loan without a payroll to a bank or a specialized entity, you can not justify how you can return the borrowed money plus the corresponding interest.

That is why, as we said at the beginning, in these cases it is usual to request guarantees in the form of collateral or mortgage loan. In case you also be in a situation without payroll or endorsement, your options are reduced but it is still possible to get a payday loan. Of course, the term, the amount of money, and the interest rate, will not be the same as if you could provide guarantees. So starting with the term of payment of the loan, it will be a few months and even in some cases less than 30 days. Because being without a payroll the credit institution will not be willing to take the risk for a long time.

As for the amount of money will be small, since you do not have a home that can guarantee loans of 50000 or 100,000 euros. You do not have a person, be it an individual or a company, that answers for you and takes charge of the payment of the payday loans in case you can not do it when you are without a payroll. So the simplest options to get financing without payroll or endorsement will be those of micro-credits and mini-loans online. Granted by specialized companies, which have many customers who lend amounts of between 100 and 300 euros, although in some cases they can exceed 500 euros, they diversify the high risk of defaulting on their customers.

The great advantage of these mini online loans is that they are immediate. Being of small amount and granted to people without payroll and without endorsement, there are no paperwork. And since there are no mortgage loans there are no complex procedures or previous studies. So if you need money urgently the mini online loans without payroll or endorsement are the best solution.

And in CredText we have the widest offer as a leading online loan comparer. With amounts of money ranging from 100 euro, to 1000 euros. Although the most usual amounts for payday loans without payroll or online guarantee is usually around 500 euros. Fast online loans, since they have almost no formalities being almost immediate.

The only thing that being without endorsement and without payroll will have to pay a high interest rate. To get money already with a personal mini loan enter our online comparator, and filling in some basic data you can access the best online loans that best suit your situation to get your money instantly.